Mobile Boat Detailing

Serving Boaters Since 2004

Most of us save a great deal of money to obtain our boats and maintaining them after your purchase is how you retain and or gain your value in your vessel and keeping up with a regular maintence is only way to do so.

This is a list of recommend yearly maintenance.

Hull Waxing

We recommend hull waxing at minimum once a season usually in spring time to keep gel coat maintained and water line ready for exposure to the Chesapeake bay water.

Colored gel coat hulls usually need more maintence through out the season to keep colors as they should.

Topside Waxing

We recommend 2-3 topside waxings a year to keep up on gelcoat appearance, keeping your gelcoat full of wax. Resists black streaks, bird droppings, spider stains, and dirt from entering your gelcoat and leaving stains.

Detail Washes

Regular detail washes weekly or bi-weekly to keep up with spiders, bugs and surface dirt that has accrued while using the boat or set in its slip. Regular washing to remove dried up bay water after each use will reduce dirt and water spots also can make maintaining the boat easier and keep things presentable.

Canvas Cleaning

Canvas cleaning and water proofing is recommended once a season to help keep your canvas water proofed which repels water, dirt, bird droppings and maintains all stitching and keeps zippers clean and free of spider nests.

Engine Room Cleaning

Engine room cleaning and degreasing as needed to keep up with appearance also keeping debris free from bilges, a clean engine room makes it easier to do maintenance with out getting greasy or dirty.

Interior Cleaning

Interior cleaning as needed. Carpet shampooing in high traffic areas to keep up on maintaining interior carpets and carpet runners.

Skrink Wrapping

Protect your gelcoat from winter elements. Even in winter months sun still does damage to your boat. Shrinkwrapping will shed all leaves, dirt, snow, and ice. Also keeps birds and animals out.