Commerical & Industrial

Some of the commercial and industrial jobs Blitz shrink wrapping has completed over the years:

Blitz shrink wrapping was called in to help with shipping 36 generators that supply emergency power to hospitals located in the United States and Canada. We used a 10 mill product on these items to ensure no rips or tears during transport. We exposed all lifting rings for items to be lifted and moved around as needed. Each generator was shipped separately.
Blitz shrink wrapping has helped with making businesses successful by preserving items for winter months that only custom covers can ensure no damage from the winter elements. These items were airbrushed painted and very sensitive to heat. Blitz used 7 mil product for these items as they are stationary and only needed to be wrapped for 2 months.

Blitz was called in at 3 am on emergency transport of a industrial lathe that had been accidentally uncovered. We wrapped the lathes in 10 mill product to ensure strong enough to be placed on top of a cargo ship under high winds at times. We ensured the item was delivered to the port of Baltimore in timely manner to meet shipping deadlines and preserved properly.

225 skylights were improperly installed for Royal Farms in Maryland, D.C., Virginia and Delaware. They were looking for a long term solution to allow them time to create a budget and a plan for replacements. Our team worked through wind, snow, and ice to ensure it was completed in a timely manner and to ensure no water intrusion to the many multi million dollar facilities.

Blitz was called in to a wrap a tiny house used for a Christmas promo in mall of America. This item needed to be prepped so that it’s temporary sides did not blow part during transport. Also many items inside could not get wet as it was built for inside a showroom. We used a 9 mil product for this item.

These are cement molds. We wrapped these products in a 9 mill material for long term preservation. The Molds were used to pour concrete. The cylinders we wrapped are used for mixing concrete. These items were new and needed to be stored and covered for a annual inspection to ensure they were not covered in cement materials blowing around the yard daily.
One of our commercial construction companies bought new crane buckets and needed long term preservation. After many attempts of covering with tarps that failed. They utilized our custom wrapping to ensure they were protected with out any more hassle of failing tarps. We used a 9 mill product to ensure it hold up to the harsh environment of a commercial work site.
Blitz shrink wrapping was called in to ensure the new sets of mixers arms were protected for short term preservation. An inspection of the yard was due. They utilized us to clean up areas of equipment not being used to ensure the yard was organized and things were neatly preserved.
One of our commercial business called Blitz to ensure safe transport of a generator fuel tank that needed to be delivered clean and with out any road debris, stone chips or foreign matter as it was very important to our shipping company and the port of Baltimore that the item was clean and dry during the entire transport.
Cummins sends equipment all over the world as one of the most dependable engine power plants available. They trust Blitz to help them send there power stations all over the world. We ensured clean, dry transport. Traveling through several ports of entry. Lifting rings needed to be exposed, special wrapping materials used with corrosion inhibitors to ensure no condensation from change in temps would affect equipment.
Towson university utilized us to help them with preserving a 4th if July parade trailer used once a season. We wrapped this item in 7 mil product. This item was unstable and needed to be wrapped a certain way before leaving the. Building. Due to where it was being stored. Blitz was there in timely manner to ensure we met all there needs.
Towson university called in Blitz to wrap a few tractors that were out of use and needed to be stored for preservation.

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