Shrink Wrapping

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping is a flexible, protective cover that conforms to any object allowing for storage and transporting.

The object is prepped for wrapping by padding all sharp edges. A custom support system is built by us and prepped by us to support and withstand high winds, heavy snow and ice. The covering is then applied and heated to custom fit any object, preserving it from dirt, debris, and weather. This plastic wrapping is proven strong enough for long term storage and/or transportation all over the world. Shrink wrapping can be applied to any object including equipment, buildings, scaffolds, autos, boats, trains and any items valued by our customers.

Protect Your Investment

Marine & Commercial Shrink Wrapping. Blitz is small enough to give you the personal service you deserve and large enough to get the job done!

Marine Protection

The boat is prepped for wrapping by folding down antennas, Bimini tops, and any items that may cause snow or ice build up, padding all sharp edges with foam to ensure nothing cuts the shrinkwrap, building a custom support system to ensure the shrinkwrapping sheds all leaves, ice, snow, and debris off and away from the boat. Shrinkwrap is applied to custom fit any make model or size of boat. This preserves it from dirt, debris, animals and weather. This plastic properly applied is strong enough for long term storage and or transportation all over the world.

Bullet Wrapping for Boats

Bullet wraps for boats that are being transported long distance. This service is done so things are streamline with the least amount of resistance in the wind. “ bullet wraps” for low clearance on road trips. Preserves your vessel from stones chip and road debris. Your vessel arrives clean, dry and damage free.

Picking the right shrinkwrap company


Blitz has had the opportunity over the years to wrap 1000s of boats all shapes and sizes from small to extremely large vessels and objects.

  • Our staff is professionally trained in the latest and most up to date safety and shrink wrap practices.
  • All of our staff has been adequately trained to install shrink wrapping properly.
  • Updated and Safe equipment.
  • The right product thickness makes the difference in longevity and UV protection.
  • Building the proper support System so your item being protected can handle the snow and ice the winter months will bring.
  • Proper ventilation of the shrinkwrapping is something we take pride in as water intrusion, mold and mildew issues can happen if not properly vented so air can circulate inside the boat.
  • Proper coverage of the item. We don’t skimp on material to save money. We wrap as much of the item as possible to protect your investment.

Some of the commercial and industrial jobs Blitz shrink wrapping has completed over the years:

225 skylights were improperly installed for Royal Farms in Maryland, D.C., Virginia and Delaware. They were looking for a long term solution to allow them time to create a budget and a plan for replacements. Our team worked through wind, snow, and ice to ensure it was completed in a timely manner and to ensure no water intrusion to the many multi million dollar facilities.
Blitz shrink wrapping was called in to help with shipping 36 generators that supply emergency power to hospitals located in the United States and Canada. We used a 10 mill product on these items to ensure no rips or tears during transport. We exposed all lifting rings for items to be lifted and moved around as needed. Each generator was shipped separately.
Blitz shrink wrapping has helped with making businesses successful by preserving items for winter months that only custom covers can ensure no damage from the winter elements. These items were airbrushed painted and very sensitive to heat. Blitz used 7 mil product for these items as they are stationary and only needed to be wrapped for 2 months.

Blitz was called in at 3 am on emergency transport of a industrial lathe that had been accidentally uncovered. We wrapped the lathes in 10 mill product to ensure strong enough to be placed on top of a cargo ship under high winds at times. We ensured the item was delivered to the port of Baltimore in timely manner to meet shipping deadlines and preserved properly.

Residential & Insurance Protection

We offer Storm damage control to homes, residential and commercial.

24 hours Emergency Services: Wind and Fire Damage Control

Our teams are ready to help with any emergency needs to preserve your belongings.
We also offer wrapping for lawn furniture, gazebos, and pools.